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Levels 5 and 6, only. A diagnostic test will be administered to assess language skills. Intensive program developed to improve second-language learners English skills. This program was developed with the needs of ESL students in mind. Course covers writing, grammar and pronunciation skills. It also incorporates practical conversation for school or work. Saturday classes ideal for your busy schedule. Course is NOT for beginners. Students must be able to actively participate in class and produce writing work at a 5/6 level or higher. For those below these levels, please see our ESL waiting list, and for those above levels 5/6 see our specialty ENGLISH WRITING PROGRAM for college entrance or career advancement. Tuition is $299.00
This program is ideal for second-language learners who wish to improve their English skills at an intensive level. The course facilitates student's English comprehension, reading, grammar, writing, and pronunciation in an advanced academic program of 18 hours of class time per week. Course is perfect for soon to be American college or university students. A diagnostic test is administered before classes to assess student English level. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - F-1 VISA. If you would like to study English in The United States of America, apply for the I-20 form by calling 212 650-7172, or by sending an email to to get information on the application process. The schedule below meets the F-1 Student Visa requirements. Tuition cost per semester is $2,700 or $900 for 5-week session. F-1 Visa students must register for a complete semester.