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Anie Akpe-Lewis is a Vice President of Mortgages at a Financial Institution where she Currently manages a $600 million dollar mortgage portfolio. Anie has over 15 years in Real Estate, Mortgage financing, Loss Mitigation, and Mortgage Servicing.

Anie has worked for Municipal Credit Union (MCU) for 10 years. Prior to MCU, Anie worked at Amsouth Bank and Progressive Home Mortgage where she held senior-level positions in multiple business lines including mortgage, home equity, small business, and indirect lending. In addition, she owned and operated a mortgage brokerage company in Atlanta, Georgia. Anie holds a Bachelors and an MBA degree from Dowling College in Long Island.


¢ First time homebuyers ¢ Current Homeowners who looking to create cash flow, invest for retirement, or simply building wealth

Course Description:

The goal of this course is to ensure that the participants will gain a complete understanding and learn the fundamentals of buying a foreclosed property. In order to be successful, participants will learn the systems and services that will allow them to work effortlessly. Many new investors are easily discouraged about the softening of the real estate market; don't let that scare you away. The game plan is to "buy low and sell high" or retain your investment for retirement. The weak markets allow you the opportunity to pick up good bargains. The fact that there are more sellers than buyers allows you to jump on the opportunity of getting a great deal. This will give you the advantage of making money in a down market. In a down market, you have to be aggressive and buy when the prices are low. You don't want to buy when prices starts to climb. This class will start by asking the participants some simple questions about their goals. In addition, everyone will be asked to identify their investing objectives. What are you willing to invest and how aggressive are you willing to be? This information will be used to develop a personalize plan for their efforts based on their personality. This class will focus techniques that professional real estate investor's use on a daily basis with a strong focus on how to invest in foreclosures and manage a rehab project. In addition, the following topics will be covered as well:

¢ The New York Foreclosure process ¢ Foreclosure terms & definitions ¢ How to locate foreclosure property ¢ Short Sales ¢ Bank Owned Properties (REO)

In the long run, participants will be able to create a team of real estate professionals such as title officers, lawyers, accountants, mortgage bankers, appraisers, and much more.

Upon completion of this class, you will have the ability to know how to invest in both good and bad times in any area. This class will also afford you the power to take the guesswork out of your investing efforts.